Teaching Team

A full scientific committee and collaborating professors act as a guide to deepen all areas of the sector

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Teaching staff


Microdent's constant growth is evident today thanks to its commitment to clinical training. A new concept of Continuing Education which, based on technical and scientific evidence, aims to become a model of excellence available to all professionals in the sector.


A full teaching staff supports a quality theory-practice paradigm designed for all skill levels. Supported by a full scientific committee and a collaborating and associated teaching staff, we have the widest portfolio of national and international professors specialised in the different areas of implantology.

Scientific Committee

An exquisite collective is leading the search for a clinical training paradigm based on technical and scientific evidence. Internationally renowned experts sharing their professional experience.

Dr. Armando Badet de Mena
Dr. Norberto Manzanares Mayandía
Dr. Fernando Arciniegas
Dr. Francisco Andrea Pezzi

Collaborating Faculty

A complete academic community with extensive clinical and pedagogical experience supports a quality theoretical and practical model. Microdent collaborates with the best professionals specialised in different dental disciplines.

Dr. Ahmed Halim Ayoub
Dr. Fernando de la Iglesia Beyme
Dr. Rubén Marzo Alzola
Dr. Jorge Alejandro Neira Vásquez
Dr. Milko Villarroel
Dr. Edgar Salas
Dr. Luis García Marí
Dr. Ramiro Zaera Le Gal
Dr. Pier Gallo del Valle
Dr. Holmes Ortega Mejía
Dr. Manuel Alonso
Dr. Félix Pose
Dr. Tal Grauer
Dr. Ignacio Arcos Palomino
Dr. Raúl Díez
Dr. Alberto Salgado
Dr. Javier Torres-Polo
Dr. Bernardo Porto
Dr. Pere Baldomà Salxench